Sajian Saji Sdn Bhd


SAJIAN SAJI SDN BHD was registered on 21 December 2005 under the Business Registration Act 1956. The authorized capital of RM500, 000.00 and paid-up capital is RM 200,000.00. Sajian Saji offers services such as catering, food and beverage preparation.

The main business at Sajian Saji is food & beverage preparation and catering.

Although new to the industry, but our staff have good experience and knowledge in this field and we are confident with our expertise and mix with talent that we have the capability of running with good managerial and technical skills in the field.

Perhaps for this reason, Sajian Saji has received encouraging response from our clients. With this, our confidence and trust in the expertise and determination and support from our clients, Sajian Saji will continue to prosper and succeed internationally.


  • Always ensure our services runs smoothly as had been planned for an event

  • Ethics in management are practiced to maintain standards, the quality of service that customer satisfaction is guaranteed

  • The warm and friendly is our culture to build good relationship as well as care for the employees and also our customer

  • To be one of the well-known internationally

  • Negotiating the best way to meet the requirements and customer satisfaction

  • Ceremony and meal program based on customer needs and requirements are taken into consideration

  • R & D is always undertaken to keep track of the current changes to cater for clients

  • Feedback from clients always taken into consideration to increase our productivity and creativity towards better services


  • Kitchen Equipment

  • Materials - Packaging Materials / Containers

  • Materials Drinks

  • Fresh Raw Foods

  • Raw Food Dry

  • Food in Cans / Bottles / Wrap

  • Islamic & Halal Food

  • Preparation Exhibition / Stage

  • P.A System / Musical Instruments.


We offer an attractive package of catering to the suitability for any occasion either big or small such as weddings, corporate dinners, gatherings etc.


We supply raw materials to Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) such as:

  • Vegetables & Fruits

  • Chicken, Beef and Seafood

  • Dry Food

  • Pastry & Frozen Food


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