Intraxius Marketing Sdn Bhd


INTRAXIUS MARKETING SDN. BHD. is a company that was founded on 23 December 2005. 100% Bumiputera owned company that specializes in the supply of furniture and interior decoration.

To achieve the objectives of the company, we always follow the latest technological developments in design, we send our technical manpower for training in the operation of the latest design techniques from time to time. With existing experience, we are confident that we will achieve those objectives.

In addition to the technical staff of experienced and well-trained, modern equipment and the latest applications and the latest design innovations also contribute to your achievement as a consumer.

Our mission in this industry is to develop the young generation and more dynamic and skilled bumiputera in which can provide better quality services to achieve high standards.

This high quality service has won the trust and confidence of many private organizations and individuals across the country by giving us contracts and tenders.


Be a major player in the industry, management and maintenance of buildings and property assets at the global level and emphasizes on quality and comfort and satisfaction of our customers.


  • We highly appreciate our customer satisfaction.

  • We believe in developing long-term relationship with our customers.

  • We stress in design and accuracy according to the tastes and demands of the customers.

  • We believe that through training to our employees can provide quality services and the best quality to achieve high standards.


  • EFFICIENT - work carried out must not have any error or defect.

  • QUICK - Must implement and complete tasks in a timely manner or even earlier.

  • EXCELLENT - Quality of work produced must always be excellent or the best.

  • BEAUTIFUL / EDGE - When all the above is done, it would produce products that is beautiful and sophisticated.


Founded has as successfully established itself as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of melamine laminated office furniture in Malaysia under its own reputable brand & quality.

Since its early beginnings, we have been operating as a wood-based panel system office furniture manufacturer. Our group specializes in ergonomics and modernize designs of office furniture as well as providing quality and timely delivery of furniture to her customers.

We have been continuously upgrading our production facilities and investing in specialized furniture machineries mainly imported from Germany . We have also introduced automation in its production process to improve production efficiency. We enhances our competitiveness by offering a broad range of panel system office furniture that creates functional and stimulating working environment. The focus of its design and development is to optimize office space utilization with due consideration given to the comfort of its users. We offers open plan furniture system that is modular and flexible as well as providing ample room for a user's personal creativity for further modifications by offering a variety of accessories, optional cabinets and worktops.

We recently upgraded our production facilities to produce a series of “State of the Art” office furniture to meet the ever changing demands of the office space with people as the center of our consideration – best quality and competitive price.



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