Furniture Services

Founded has as successfully established itself as one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of melamine laminated office furniture in Malaysia under its own reputable brand & quality.

Since its early beginnings, we have been operating as a wood-based panel system office furniture manufacturer. Our group specializes in ergonomics and modernize designs of office furniture as well as providing quality and timely delivery of furniture to her customers.

We have been continuously upgrading our production facilities and investing in specialized furniture machineries mainly imported from Germany . We have also introduced automation in its production process to improve production efficiency. We enhances our competitiveness by offering a broad range of panel system office furniture that creates functional and stimulating working environment. The focus of its design and development is to optimize office space utilization with due consideration given to the comfort of its users. We offers open plan furniture system that is modular and flexible as well as providing ample room for a user's personal creativity for further modifications by offering a variety of accessories, optional cabinets and worktops.

We recently upgraded our production facilities to produce a series of “State of the Art” office furniture to meet the ever changing demands of the office space with people as the center of our consideration – best quality and competitive price.


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