My Sutera Sdn Bhd

Now "Canggih" boasts the retail network of over 300 departmental stores and hypermarkets nationwide. We are proud to acknowledge that "Canggih" has managed to bring quality and style to the school uniforms which for long were treated more as rather than the school wear of quality. As a testimony of commitment to our quality system of ISO 9001:2000 certified to us in June 2005.

At present we are actively participating in securing contract manufacturing locally. We are in our fourth year of supplying the hospital linen to Radicare Sdn Bhd and Faber Mediserve sdn Bhd, in our fourth year of supplying the corporate uniform to Tenaga Nasional Berhad and in our third year of supplying the RELA Uniform to Ministry of Internal Affairs.

We have also experienced collaborating with Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative (at the time) in setting up the Vendor Development Programme to grow hand in hand in the garment Manufacturing Industry. At present moment, we have twenty (20) vendors throughout nationwide participating in our vendor program.

This show prove of "Canggih" products acceptance both by school going children and corporate clients. High awareness and acceptance of "Canggih" brand among parents and corporate clients give us plenty of room for further growth.

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